Gufa Pokhari, Tinjure and Menchhayem hill


Above the height of 2890m, the Gupha Pokhari (pond) is located in Chainpur municipality of Sankhuwasabha District of Nepal. Menchhayem hill is famous for its sun rising spot and another visiting place is Gupha (cave). Menchhayem means ‘young lady’ in the Limbu language. These areas are the border of Sankhuwasabha and Tehrathum. Gupha Pokhari Lake is also a holy pilgrimage site for both Hindus, Kirant and Buddhists. The name “Gupha Pokhari”, which means Cave and Pond, is a new tag given to this in the 20th century, by priests who were assumed to meditate in the caves around the hills of this area and gave it its new name. Previously, it was called “Siddha Marga” Pokhari. People believe that if you beg something then this pond grants your wishes.

Guphapokhari is one of the most widespread destinations in the Tinjure Milke Jaljale Trail, which is known as the “Rhododendron capital of Nepal”. This region has the highest number of Rhododendron Species, 28 out of 32 found in Nepal. We can observe many flowers and species of plants, birds, and species of mammal likewise sights of Makalu, Kangchenjunga and Mt. Everest on an immaculate day.

Gufa Pokhari is one of the popular tourist destinations in East Nepal. Any season you can visit to observe the scenery and traditional dishes even though, the best time to visit Gufa Pokhari is February-May. If someone wishes to play with snow then one can visit there in winter (November-December). If you want to go there then at least you have to manage a 2 day; night stay from the periphery of the Dharan area.  While you are on the way you can observe Tinjure Milke, Jaljale, Pathibhara temple, Basantapur, Jor Pokhari etc. You can go by any vehicles but the road is not pitched yet though you can ride easily.

The last time we went Gufa Pokhari with “Khaiking Group”, altogether we were 28 members from Dharan and Tarahara. At 7 am we met in Bhanuchowk of Dharan and started our trek up to Gufa. We took snacks in the Bhedetar and lunch at Mude. We collected firewood in the jungle on the way where we cut some pairs of Malingo for firing and BBQ. Some of my friends went by bus and some by walking from Jorpokhari area. When everyone there we started to manage the tent and BBQ, while we started to BBQ everyone was hungry and at the first, they ate hastily but later it was enough and leftover. When we eaten BBQ it was the sandy cause of firewood. At the same time wind was so powerful we couldn’t stay in the tent so we unmount the tent and went to a hotel to stay.

In the morning when my friend went to the washroom he told us an interesting thing that when he started to bowl the water sound came like a stone it was an amazing moment that water was frozen. After refreshment, we went to Menchhayem hill to see the sun rising scene and foggy layers down to us. About half an hour we reached Menchhayem Danda and enjoyed the views and mesmerising scenic of the sun rising, cloud, Mountains, Pathibhara etc.

Next, we planned to observe caves but due to unknown location we couldn’t succeed to find out caves, so it is better to take a guide from local to visit all the locations. After that, we came back to Gufapokhari and wander around the pond.

Most do things in Gupha Pokhari

  • Sight Seeing
  • Drinking Tongba
  • Birds Watching
  • Tasting Rhododendron Wine
  • Camping
  • Chauri meat and Churpi
  • Sun rising and cloud layers under you
  • Chaurigai and Yak
  • Local culture

Itenary: Dharan, Bhedetar, Dhankuta, Hile, Basantapur, Tinjure Milke, and finally Gufa Pokhari. If you are new then the comment box is hailing for you.

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