simba jharna

Tindhare Jharana & Simba falls

नयाँ-ठाउँहरू प्रयटकिय-गन्तब्य

Manikhel village is located in the Mahankal rural municipality in Lalitpur district of province no 3. We have a small team to explore and promote new places which are out of reach due to proper information and route.  As for our schedule, we decided to meet at Chapagau Dobato of Lalitpur.  According to our plan, we met there and started our trip towards Simba falls (Jharana). The main key attractions of the trip and Simba Jharana are the natural magnificent of Jharana, surrounding greenery and village life.

The routeways to reach Simba Jharana via Thecho, Chapagau, Lele, Bhardev, Chaugharey, Gotikhel and Rigin Dada. After parking vehicles, it takes 40-1 hour on foot to reach the main falls and peaceful surroundings.

Simba water falls

The name after Simba is very interesting, Simba is named in the Tamang language, which means ‘cold’. So we can feel the same cold and pure. Simba fall is a combination of 7 waterfalls in Manikhel. While we reached there, we can feel delighted and joyous by waterfalls and greenery surroundings. Mostly Tamang community is there but other few communities are also live there. We can eat fresh and organic local rice and fruits in Rigin dada.

How to get there?

Rigin Dada is just approximately 53km from Satdobato, Lalitpur. But the drive may take around 4-5 hours to reach there. You can go either on private vehicles or on public vehicles, it is up to you. Lagankhel bus park to Chapagau then Manikhel for public vehicles users. If you are going there then you must wear comfortable and reliable clothing and shoes. Water bottle and as your physical needed things must carry for your adaptive health.

Hiking and Cycling is also very interesting for venture.

Tin Dhare Jharana (cascade)

We were planning to go Tin Dhare cascade since it was viral on TikTok. This Jharana is located at Roshi rural municipality in Kavrepalanchowk district of province no 3. It is one of the nearest waterfalls which is approximately 60 km from Kathmandu valley.

Route ways to reach Tindhare Jharana via Dhulikhel, Kavrebhanjyang, Dapcha, and Kafal Danda. After reaching Kafal dada, we need to walk for at least 1-2 hours to reach the Tindhare cascade.

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