Bhedetar a heart of Eastern Nepal |भेडेटार भेडा राख्ने ठाउँ।


Bhedetar is a small hill station situated in the eastern region of Nepal. This is a border between Dhankuta and Sunsari district.  According to the historic chronicle, there were shed of sheep several years ago. So, this place name remained as Bhedetar. Due to the good facility of transportation and hotel this place is so popular now a day. Generally, the local people of Terai who are tired of sunny days love to visit this cold hill station. It is situated at one thousand four hundred and twenty meters from sea level and almost always covered by fogy. We can easily reach this place by picking a bus or taxi from Bhanu Chowk, Dharan.

Bhedetar is a developing tourist spot. It is a small hill station just 16 kilometres away from Dharan Sub-metropolis. It is famous for its unpredictable weather – a moment it hides in the blanket of thick fog and another moment it reveals itself as the crown of urban Dharan.

The main attraction of Bhedetar is its cold weather, fresh food and the view we can see from here. In a clear day, we can view the beautiful city Dharan sitting on the lap of a hill from this place. Similarly, we can view the Char Kose Jhadi (The dense jungle), Dhankuta bazaar and the river Saptakoshi. We can also view the mountains on north and Dhankuta bazar from this place.

The viewing point is the place of attraction for all. A viewpoint at the top of a hill makes you feel like you are flying in the sky with the fog when you reach this place. The viewpoint is also known as Charles Point name after Prince Charles. There is another park newly constructed that is Sankha (Snail Shell) park.

The forest full of Rhododendron is also the attraction of this place. If you didn’t get chance to visit Main Pathivari temple then here is another Pathivari mandir 5 min walkway distance from Bhedetar. It is the entrance for Hile, Dhankuta, Basantapur, Rajarani, Okhrae, Bhojpur, Sankhuwasava and Taplejung.

Another attraction of Bhedetar is the waterfall, about five kilometres down from the Bhedetar Bazar there is a waterfall named “Namaste Jharna” (Namaste Waterfall). We can reach this waterfall after a walk of around fifteen minutes from the main road. The path to reach this waterfall is a little difficult but when we reach this fall; we forget all the pain to walk on the narrow road on a high slope hill. The sound of water and the view of the waterfall makes you assume that you are in heaven. It is the best gift of nature.

Bhedetar is now well-managed tourism area, where tourists from various countries come to enjoy their holidays, vacation, spent good times with family, relatives and loved ones.

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