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Pandhare Bazar
Updated: Thursday 14th July 2016


Pandhare Bazar

Pandhare bazar is one of the famous trade market lies in the Gogane VDC of Bhojpur district. It is a place where five natural water tapes are there. This market is situated between Temke and Selme peak; also it is the border of Khotang district and Bhojpur. This market opens only twice a month and from this market, Khotang and Bhojpur’s some VDC are benefited by Pandhare bazar. Some of the benefited VDC from Khotang are Mattim, Ratamchha, Khidima, Kiwa, Chyandada, etc and from Bhojpur Nagi, Annapurna, Chhinamakhu, Cholonti, Khawa, Kot, Gogane, Varnagi, Chhikuwa etc.


People from the above-mentioned periphery go and buy basic needs of their daily life activities, such as clothes, foods, kitchenware, kerosene, home animals and gadgets. They also sell their animals and crops to fulfil their daily hand to mouth. Now a day Pandhare is touched by motor roads from Bhojpur headquarter and Khotang district.  This bazaar is really beautiful in the source of natural geography; it is a huge meadow, where we can see animals are grazing around.

This place is the centre or junction of the Kirant Rai headquarter (Durbar), our Kirant leaders' preamble is Pandhare should be the centre of the Rai.

By Sujan Rai