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An inauguration of Hanuman temple
Updated: Friday 22nd April 2016


Hanuman temple is established in the Kathmandu, at Jagadol Ashram. The honourable chief Guest Mr. Dr Yogi Bikashananda has cut the ribbon of Temple. Temple's president Ms Bhole Maa also gave her vote of thanks to the donator/aider , who helped to make this temple successful.

MC M. Ishwor led the whole programme, he also read out the appreciation certificate in the programme and then hand over the felicitation certificate by Bikashananda to the helper who helped directly and indirectly. Ishwor gave a brief introduction about Bhole Maa, why she chooses her name as Bhole Maa. It means Bhole= never say no and Ma= never beg . Bhole Maa has been taking care to these kids who has no family. She is giving love and care with pure heart, there are no profitable motif behind this service. She has still 5 kids living together in the Ashram, Bhole Ma has a dream to make hall for those who  needs peace of mind.

In the end, honourable guest delivered his speech about spirituality and how to be successful in the work, aftermath he commanded to sing Bhajan with him. All the pilgrimages deep delve into the programme session.

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