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Poor Governing in School


 Himal Ma Vi, Hedangna Golechaur 3, Rural Municipality Makalu

On dated 28th Magh, 2074, Continuous 3 hours of walking from Bakle, we reached Himal Ma Vi, Hedangna Golechaur at 3 PM with my team. Students were about to return home from school because of class 10 test examination.  We observed school’s territory, buildings, sanitation and playground which are wonderful. We stayed near the school of Yamphu Rai’s house. Another day we visited early before assembly, we saw different types of assembly there such as they do attendance (Presents) of students at the assembly time which were new for us.

We introduced ourselves and had discussed with teachers about our survey/research and purpose of visiting schools. Then we went to the office and introduced each other briefed out the background of our organization.  We visited computer lab there were 5 desktops, colour printers, photocopy machine and 2 laptops in lab room. There are also facilities of the science lab and library too. But unmanaged and lack of habit of study couldn’t light up the face of library room. We found water tape and friendly toilet over there but not well maintain and proper use of it.

Head sir coordinated with us very friendly manner, he did very well execution to run school in the present state. He shared his story to bring the school in this stage. He did the movement with the support of students to achieved local budget for the sake of school. He has reciprocal relationship with SMC president and staffs of school.   I did not see good management of an office and ledger (files). They are taking much time to providing respective files or documents at that moment. They are keeping files and documents haphazardly, also they are not hanging and posting/sticking calendar, schedule, routine, informative poster, notice board etc. proper way. They posted some pamphlet messy and improperly. Somehow Head sir and community doing best for their school's quality of education and physical assets. They are hiring math teacher from Terai region that is also good initiation of School.

We asked about resources of school but nothing at all behind their donated amount. I am pleased to know that they are handling that amount very properly and managing some sort of training or activities from interest money. They give credit amount within teaching staffs with the authority of SMC president in the rate of 18% interest and deduct by her/his salary.

Overall, community people are aware about educating their children but due to household works they did not get enough time to study at home. I saw very poor government initiation toward education sector, we visited many schools but government providing only girls scholarship within many others optional scholarship. Most of the visited schools were constructed and funded by other organizations. There are no sufficient teachers and budget to run school according to school head.

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