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Sabha Pokhari, Sankhuwasava


Sabha Pokhari is one of the natural ponds which have its own religious significance. This lake is situated at an altitude of four thousand two hundred and forty meters from sea level.This lake is situated in the lap of Lumba Sumba Mountain in Sankhuwasava District.


It is believed that one of the wise ascetic name Byasa organized a meeting in the middle of that lake and perform a mythology speech (Puran) to eighty-eight thousand sages in this place. so this place gets it name Sabha Pokhari ( Meeting Pond). There is still the place where Byasa sit for the mythology speech (Puran).People believe that if anyone bath in that pond than their wishes get fulfilled. It is also believed that childless couple gets child if they pray here with pure heart and bath in this pond.


The place is not only religiously important but it has its own natural importance. It is the best place for trekking. If you travel from Khadbari than crossing Bhankharka, Mangmaya, Mansima, Khongrana Danda we finally reach our destination Sabha Pokhari. We can also travel this place from Basantapur (Tehrathum) by enjoying the natural beauty. We cross Chauki, Gufa pokhari and Milke to travel towards this pond. Milke is the place where twenty-five different types of Rhododendron can be found. We can view sheep and yak grazing on green hills, snow-capped mountain and white cloud playing hide and seek with green land attract everyone. In the lap of white Makalu Mountain Savapokhari is one of the most attractive places.We can view the different places of a different district such as Taplejung, Pachthar, Khotang, Bhojpur and Tehrathum from this pond during a clear day.


We feel as if a piece of heaven is drop down to earth after viewing this place.This is one of the best travelling destination for Nature lover.


Gupha pokhari trek is a unique trekking destination located in the most isolate and remote area of eastern Nepal. Gupha Pokhari is a natural pond that has religious significance. Amazing contrasting natural views could be experienced as you undertake trip to Chainpur Gupha pokhari via Basantapur. One hand where you would get to see dense forests, on the other hand you may have beautiful terraced slopes. This remote region has a lot to offer in terms of natural landscapes.

Gupha pokhari trekking has to offer thousands of flowering plants species, hundreds of bird species, and many species of mammals. Beautiful views of Makalu, Kanchenjunga and Everest would offer lifelong memories to you. Gupha pokhari trekking trail filled with superb natural resources which are indigenous to Nepal. Basantapur Gupha pokhari trek journey starts from either Basantapur or Tumlingtar. Beautiful sunrise and sunset, friendly people, culture, picturesque Mountain views make Ghupha pokhari trail one of the best places to explore in the Himalayan foot hills.
Chainpur Gupha pokhari trek passes through dens rhododendron  forest, nature trail still hidden, not promoted only few travelers heard about this area. 

Gupha pokhari trek is an easy trail not necessary previous hiking experience. Best season for this trek are March to May and August to November but trekking can be done in year round. Given Gupha Pokhari trekking itinerary is not the only option available; to best suit your requirements, trekking schedule can be adjusted accordingly.




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