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Predicament dream


I saw the predicament dream 

My father or my grandfather knew many pure Bantawa words, Bantawa language, but I don’t know that kinds of words even I tried. This means, I think, our Bantawa language is going to vanish day after day. –Sujan &...Read More >>  

Mundhum-The Scripture of Kirant


Mundhum-The Scripture of Kirat People

The word Mundhum means the power of great strength and the Kirat people of east Nepal take it to be a true, holy and a powerful scripture. In ancient time the Tibetans used to call Nepal by the name of Li - yul, which means the country of Li people.

The Mundhum is divided into two parts. The first is called the Thungsap Mundhum and the second is called the Peysap Mundhum. The Thungsap Mundhum is the original one and ca...Read More >>  

Dissertation proposal sample


Tribhuvan University




Subversion of Gender Roles in the film Million Dollar Baby





A Thesis Proposal Submitted to the Department of English for the Approval of Research committee





Sujan Rai






...Read More >>  

Tamu Losar


Tamu is another name of Gurung community of Nepal and Losar means New Year. Tamu Losar is celebration of Gurung’s New Year. The Tamu Losar marks the beginning of the Tamu Sambat or Gurung Calendar Year. 

When do we celebrate Tamu Losar (When is Tamu Losar)

Tamu Losar is celebrated on every 15 Poush of the Nepali calendar (in December/January). This year Losar is on 30th December 2013 on Sunday. 

How do we celebrate Tamu Lo...Read More >>  

Rai Culure


Nepal is a very ancient country, which was ruled by many dynasties in the past. Among them, the Kirat rule is taken as a very significant one, being the longest period that extended from pre-historic to historic period. In ancient Hindu scriptures, Nepal is referred as the “Kirat Desh” or “the Land of Kirats”.

The Kirat Rai belong to the Kirati group or the Kirat confederation that includes the Rai, Limbu, Yakkha and Sunuwar. Dhimal, Hayu, Koche , Thami, Chep...Read More >>