About me;

This is me Sujan Rai
I am a student of humanities, i have passed MA in English. I am also Psychosocial Counsellor and working as trainer of psychosocial counselling course. I have a good skill in the field of IT, i have acquired knowledge of Cissco, PHP Mysql, CSS, Adobe Photoshop, Hardware & Networking. If you are confused about your web design and repairing Laptop and desktop, then plz feel free to contact me in my no. or e-mail id as given below.
mail@raisujan.com.np/me_u110@yahoo.com/ raisujan110@gmail.com, Contact no 9803236962. If you want to send me an article, news and information about trek places around Nepal then please send your infromation and articles in above mentioned mailing address thank you.